Friday, 22 June 2012

A Toast To Debt

I have many bills but in the mail today came one that I found to be quite amusing. According to the greedy f*ckers at my main bank they think it’s funny to send out this little tidbit of knowledge notifying me that paying minimum payments will take me 114 years and two months to be debt free. Is this a joke? I will be 138 years old, most likely dead, unless they come up with some miracle anti ageing remedy (hey, I hear they are working on it). Really though, 114 years, how can one sentence be so amusing yet depressing at the same time.

Oh well, here’s a toast to the next 114 years of debt, cheers! 
With love, A


  1. haha, funny)

    1. Totally, debt can be amusing sometimes. Not much I can do, might as well toast to it, any excuse for some champagne ;)